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That was the year that was

As a freelance, it’s always nice (and not to say a very good idea) to keep tabs on how you and your business are progressing. Reflecting on 2018, I think I can be quietly satisfied with how things are going at Blenheim Editorial.

The cold, hard facts may not be the thing you most want to concentrate on, but they can’t be ignored; on that subject, filing my latest tax return illustrated that business-wise Blenheim Editorial is certainly heading in the right direction.

This performance on the balance sheet has been aided by attracting a few new and interesting clients. Diversifying and broadening the client portfolio is a really important element of maintaining a healthy freelance business. However, I count myself extremely lucky to have established strong relationships with a couple of regular clients who once again in 2018 kept me very regularly well supplied with work.

In terms of the work itself, I feel like I’m developing all the time, and this year has thrown up plenty of good learning opportunities. As well as the technical details of the work itself, one or two authors have given me some interesting experiences of approaches to communication and collaborative working. I am increasingly aware of the importance of adapting my own communication style to suit who I’m working with, which all ties in with knowing the requirements and boundaries of my role (or even my place!) as a copy editor.

I’ve also been lucky to have had the opportunity to work on some really exciting projects, one being a work of fiction by a legendary figure of British literature. And while I certainly don’t do this job for fame or glory, I can’t deny it’s been a bit of a thrill to have had several authors ask for me to be included in the acknowledgements section of their books (another first for me this year).

Looking forward to 2019, I hope to keep everything moving in a positive direction. I am currently working through another Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) training course, which will help reinforce my skills and knowledge in a particular area. I think as another resolution of sorts, I will aim to do more to step outside the work bubble during my day, and maybe start throwing a bit of money behind the counters of my local coffee houses. Independent businesses should support each other, after all!

Wishing a happy and prosperous new year to all.

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